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Youth Organizations and Activities


Children’s Church continues each Sunday during our worship at 10:30 am  
Sunday School Superintendant is Mrs. Lisa Bishop.

Confirmation Classes
We encourage young people to attend our Sunday School and Godly Play classes for at least a year before entering our Confirmation Class

CLB - St. Mary's Company 911

The Church Lad's Brigade is an organization for young people. Its objective is "to extend the Kingdom of Christ among lads and girls". Throughout the world young people and children are continuing to enjoy fun, faith and fellowship and through the Brigade be better equipped to cope with the demands that society places upon them.

We encourage young people and children to explore their spirituality and respond to the Christian faith, and to develop their moral values and a respect for the environment.

The CLB is divided into five age groups:

  • - Officers - ages 19+
  • - Senior Corps (SC) - grade 7 - 12
  • - Junior Training Corps (JTC) - grades 4-6
  • - Young Training Corps (YTC) - grades 2 and 3
  • - Little Training Corps (LTC) - grades K and 1


The CLB is open to all youth, male and female, of any denomination. To join please contact stmaryschurch@nl.rogers.com and we will pass along your request for information to our Company Commanding Officer.