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Outreach Ministries

St. Mary's Waterford Hospital Outreach Program

The Parish of St. Mary the Virgin has historically been spiritually connected to the Waterford Hospital Community. The parish family of St. Mary's has reestablished this outreach ministry and are providing a range of ministerial services to the staff, residents and clients of this institution. This ministry involves:

  • - A monthly service of fellowship in the format of a sing-a-long and prayers on the second Thursday of every month at 7PM in the hospital Chapel
  • - A fellowship dinner with entertainment, twice yearly, is held in the Canon Stirling Auditorium. Approved volunteers hold regular fellowship with clients on special wards
  • - Other ministry services in the areas of pastoral and spiritual care, for example Holy Communion is offered
  • - Regular ward visits by volunteers from St. Mary's who have had special orientation through the Waterford Pastoral Care Division.
  • - The volunteers participation in the Waterford Pastoral Care Division's activities, such as chapel services.
  • - The volunteers collect and distribute good used adult clothing for the thrift shop